4 Little Reasons is an Australian business, created by a Danish mum. We create handcrafted baby and toddler dynes (doonas) made from hand selected 100% cotton fabrics.

It might surprise you to know that for generations Danish babies have slept peacefully under the cozy comfort of a baby dyne (doona). Traditionally given by their mormor (maternal grandmother) at birth or christening, a baby’s first dyne is hand made with love.

Born and bred in Denmark, I was a 25 year old student, completing my Masters in Human Resource Management, when I first arrived in Australia. I fell in love, got married and had four kids (Josh 13, Frida 11, Billy 9 and Anny 7 — those aforementioned “4 little reasons”).

Over the early years my growing tribe made regular trips home to Denmark to spend time with my family, reconnecting with our heritage. Each visit (with a new baby) resulted in a gift of a traditional baby doona, hand-made by my mum.

And each time we returned to Australia, the new baby dyne would become a talking point among my friends. I was always being asked where I had purchased them. Baby dynes are such a tradition in Denmark and northern Europe I was very surprised to discover they could not be purchased here in Australia. Especially given Australia’s passion for Danish designed nursery products. I long considered importing the doonas and covers from Denmark but raising those 4 little reasons occupied all of my time.

The story behind my business - 4 Little Reasons - is reminiscent of many working mums. 2015 was a tumultuous year. It brought about many changes. I needed to step outside my comfort zone in order to regain control of my life. Further research into import options for baby doonas from Denmark proved to be cost prohibitive. After making one for a friend of mine who had a baby I realised that I could make them rather than import them. And discovered a great deal of peace in the creative process.

With all four of my little reasons now at school I am able to spend more time on my sewing and business. Each doona is 100 x 70cm, machine washable with separate 100% cotton covers. The covers are made with zips to avoid buttons and strings for little kids. I LOVE selecting the fabrics for the covers, and hope to one day design my own.

In Denmark we have a special word — “HYGGE”. It defies direct translation but some say it defines the Danish soul. It kind of means cozy but that is incomplete. It conjures up feelings of contentment, warmth, care and security. And encompasses memories of your nurturing mormor and warm snuggly rugs. Perhaps hygge goes someway towards explaining why us Danes are the happiest people on the planet?

At 4 Little Reasons we say you can’t buy hygge (or a Danish mormor) but purchasing our handmade baby doonas… it’s kind of the same thing.