4 Little Reasons is an Australian business, created by a Danish mum. We create handcrafted baby and toddler dynes (doonas) made from hand selected 100% Danish Design cotton fabrics.


In Denmark we have a special word — "Hygge". It defies direct translation but some say it defines the Danish soul. It kind of means cozy but that is incomplete. It conjures up feelings of contentment, warmth, care and security. And encompasses memories of your nurturing mormor and warm snuggly rugs. Perhaps hygge goes someway towards explaining why us Danes are the happiest people on the planet?

Each doona is 100 x 70cm, machine washable with separate 100% cotton covers.
The covers are made with zips to avoid buttons and strings for little kids.

At 4 Little Reasons we say you can’t buy hygge
(or a Danish mormor) but purchasing our handmade baby doonas…
it’s kind of the same thing.